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Critiki Party: Critiques and Cocktails in Podcast Paradise

Check out the CriTiki party, where the sun is always hot, the cocktails are always frozen, and the conversation about writing is always passionate. We aim to spread this simple truth: Most of the world’s ills can be cured by good writing and a swingin’ Tiki party.

Good writing, however, is not as easy as mixing a Mai Tai. That’s why we critique. We’re a critique group of professional authors who have years of experience in writing, editing, agenting, and publishing. In other words, we’ve been up and down the beach a few times.

By podcasting critiques of work submitted by our landlubber listeners, we aim to help writers of all levels improve their knowledge, their skills, and ultimately, their chances of publication.

Kick off your flip-flops, drop that straw into another umbrella drink, and crank up the hi-fi. It’s time for the CriTiki Party!

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