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Tides of Maritinia


Maritinia is at the far edge of the Empire. A planet with little economic value in the Sire's sphere of influence.


And it's just rebelled.

Praise for Warren Hammond:


"Warren Hammond is a fiercely talented writer.  He has a brilliant eye for science fictional detail and a noir voice that makes some very ugly things beautiful.  Everything he writes is compelling."

Daniel Abraham, writing as James S. A. Corey, author of Leviathan Wakes


Praise for Warren Hammond's KOP series:


"Juno Mozambe is not a nice man. You'll cheer and weep for him anyway. Him and his hard-bitten, hard-scrabble, heart-breaking world, and that's a credit to Warren Hammond's writing, which paints a vivid and powerful picture. And tells a darned good mystery to boot. This is the SF noir I've been waiting for since the film Blade Runner. You know that bit about how 'A new life awaits you on the off world colonies?' This could very well be the story of what happens on one of those off world colonies."

Carrie Vaughn, author of Kitty and the Silver Bullet




My Books
"Take the Mars of Total Recall, the cybertech of Ghost in the Shell, the noir of Blade Runner, the action of Cowboy Bebop, and accelerate them to twelve times Earth escape velocity, then you will find yourself with the pure awesome joy that is Denver Moon." 
Matthew Kressel, multiple Nebula Award and World Fantasy Award finalist
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